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About Us 

Palmetto ProWindows is a window and door replacement company founded in Charleston, SC.  We service Charleston's tri-county areas and South Carolina's coastal cities.  We sell and install windows and doors that are custom built to suit our customer's needs.  We specialize in storm windows and offer premium glass packages, including laminated impact-resistant glass.  

Vinyl Window Replacement Company in Charleston, SC servicing the Lowcountry with a professional installation

Our Mission 

Palmetto ProWindows strives to provide our customers with professional grade top-quality windows at a competitive price paired with a professional installation.  

Our Goal 

We aim to provide a product and service that achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.  

Our Values 

We are committed to product quality, excellent craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.  


Palmetto ProWindows, Charleston SC

Window Replacement

Palmetto ProWindows is proud to sell and install energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors made by Simonton.  The premium vinyl used in the windows and doors is an excellent insulator and offers low conductivity which means there is very low temperature transfer in or out of your time.  The thermal properties are superior, helping to keep you comfortable all year long.  

Every window we install comes standard with Simonton Window's ProSolar® Low e glass.  This is a transparent metallic oxide coating that is applied to the glass surface that allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy for greater thermal efficiency.  This helps heat to not be transferred through the windows and doors.  

Simonton's ProSolar® Shade is a spectrally selective glass that allows desirable light into the home while reducing damaging UV rays.  The glass also offers the ultimate in solar heat control, visibility and energy savings.   ProSolar® Shade comes standard in every window and Palmetto ProWindows offers glass options to keep you comfortable while keeping every costs down.  

Palmetto ProWindows Window and Door Replacement Company

Door Replacement 

Palmetto ProWindows offers a variety of door options to suit your needs!  If you choose to install patio doors or sliders we can build a Simonton door with a glass package that fits your needs.  You can customize your door by choosing the color, glass package and choose a grid style if you wish to have a grid.  

A new front door will give your home a fresh, new look while providing your family with the benefits of energy savings and safety!  We buy and install Therma-Tru doors.  Therma-Tru has a large variety of doors for homeowners, and if you prefer a more custom look, we can help you build a customized door that will be the perfect entrance to your home!      


Mt. Pleasant, SC 

Mt. Pleasant, SC 

Goose Creek, SC

Summerville, SC

Mt. Pleasant, SC 

Charleston, SC

Summerville, SC

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Our Windows and Doors Series

Carolina Window Series Window Palmetto ProWindows

Carolina Impact Series

Carolina Impact Series Windows are doors are the ultimate in strength, durability and impact performance in the event of severe coastal weather.  

  • ENERGY STAR Certified and designed to deliver thermal performance year round with the added benefit of reducing your heating and cooling costs.  
  • Low maintenance vinyl, virtually impervious to the elements. 
  • Impact resistant, laminated glass features a durable interlayer that will remain intact when struck with substantial force for a constant, "built-in" protection.  


Goose Creek, SC Window Installation

"Palmetto ProWindows did an amazing job installing our new windows! Doug was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. Ceasar and his install team were amazing! They were professional, clean, and efficient on the day of the install. The windows are very high quality and look amazing! We are very pleased with the service and product provided by Palmetto ProWindows and would recommend them to anyone needing new windows! Thanks Palmetto ProWindows for providing excellent service!"

Jesse Stament 

Goose Creek, SC 

Palmetto ProWindows Window Replacement in Summerville, SC

"We've been very pleased with our new Simonton windows installed by Palmetto ProWindows!  We are remodeling our house and the new windows have given our home an updated look.  We are also enjoying the energy savings!  The experience was smooth from start to finish.  I appreciate the work that was put into creating custom windows.  The installation was professional and the crew was quick and efficient.  I'd recommend Doug with Palmetto ProWindows to anyone.  Thanks again!" 

John Donaldson
Summerville, SC
Simonton Windows with Laminated Impact-Resistant Glass in Charleston, SC

We were in the market to replace all of the windows in our house, with energy-efficient and storm impact windows.  We got several quotes.  Palmetto ProWindows beat the other quotes, hands-down!  This is a local, family-run business.  Because of that, we were treated quite differently than other chains, that gave us estimates.  Working with Doug and his crew was the best experience, from beginning to end.  All deadlines were met, and Doug communicated everything with us.  We are thrilled with our new windows!

Lynn Clark
Charleston, SC

Palmetto ProWindows

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are replacement windows?

A replacement window is a window that is installed in an existing window opening as replacement of the existing window.  An investment in new replacement windows will completely transform your home.  Vinyl windows are built to last, energy efficient, and can be customized to your home and style. 

Replacement windows are not new construction windows.  New construction windows are designed to be installed before the siding or brick is installed on the exterior of the home.  New construction windows also have a nail fin frame which allows the window to be attached to the framing of a home.  New construction windows are builder grade windows, and often times they are cheap and low quality.  Manufacturers build new construction windows with builders in mind, and they know builders want fast and cheap so thats what they make.  

Why should I replace my windows?  

Palmetto ProWindows Climate Controlled Windows and Doors








Green Energy Savings Windows and Doors

Purchasing ENERGY STAR windows can help you save money on heating and cooling throughout the year.  ENERGY STAR windows can help create a consistent temperature throughout the house season after season.  With ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors, you will use less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.  ENERGY STAR windows have a special Low E coating on the glass that’s like a sunscreen for your house that helps block damaging UV rays from fading your floors, photos, and rugs. 

While new vinyl windows and doors make your experience in your home far more comfortable, they also improve the value of your home dramatically. According to Remodeling Magazine, if you invest in vinyl windows, you can recoup up to 73% of your cost. 

Window replacement is an affordable way to update your home.  Choosing custom color combinations, grid designs, and hardware finishes can completely change the look of your home!  

Do I need to replace my windows?

  • Your windows are hard to open or close.  
  • You can feel a cold draft near your windows.  
  • Your windows are leaking.  
  • Your windows are foggy.  
  • Your windows drop and will not stay open.
  • Your energy bills spike during extreme heat or cold.  
  • You frequently adjust your thermostat to stay comfortable.
  • Your windows don't block outside noise. 
  • Your furniture or floors are fading.  
  • Your home looks old and outdated.  

What brand of windows does Palmetto ProWindows sell and install?  

Palmetto ProWindows sells and installs Simonton Windows.  We choose Simonton because Simonton has 70 years of innovation and experience producing high quality windows.  Every detail has been designed to provide durable, quality vinyl windows that are energy efficient, weather resistant, and low-maintenance. Simonton windows are custom to your home and design, installed by professionals, and backed by industry leading warranties.

Palmetto ProWindows is proud to sell and install Simonton WIndows!

Our Story

 Palmetto ProWindows is a family-owned and operated Window and Door Replacement company established in Charleston, SC.  Owners, Doug & Kimmy Curry, are local residents who were raised in the Lowcountry.  Doug grew up around the construction industry and after college helped run his family's siding and home exteriors business, DVS, Inc..  After many years in the siding and home exteriors business, Doug recognized a need for replacement windows in the Charleston, SC area.  Palmetto ProWindows was established to bring high-end, professional grade, energy-efficient replacement windows to the Lowcountry!   Palmetto ProWindows is proud to offer one of the best replacement windows on the market at a competitive price.  We take pride in selling a professional grade  product with a professional installation at a contractor grade cost.   While other window companies sub-contract their installs, Palmetto ProWindows is proud to employ our installers and guarantee a professional installation.

Palmetto ProWindows, Charleston SC

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